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We have been serving the metro Atlanta area since 1999 and as a proud member of your local community, we value each customer and their termite and/or pest control needs. We work with you on an individualized service plan tailored to your needs because everyone’s home and needs are different. We strive to keep you happy and healthy in your home, and the success of Kellco depends upon the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we’re not big business… just good business.

Call us today to discuss your current termite and/or pest control needs and to learn how we can make an affordable and positive impact to the protection of your home.

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Right now, termites are silently destroying thousands of homes all across metro Atlanta. Could your home be one of them? Click here to learn more Our goal is to keep pests out of the house, as well as eliminate any pests that are in the home. We have the right equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. We target all entry points of the home to maintain full control of unwanted pests. Click here to learn more Rodents are not the cute furry little creature that the cartoons and movies make them out to be. They are an extremely dangerous and filthy critters that can cause serious problems to your health and home. Click here to learn more


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